5 Plants to grow in winter for Lawn Improvement

It’s hard to maintain lawn in winters. As the weather starts getting cooler, the leaves start falling and the grass stops growing. There are several reasons behind it.  The photosynthesis process of plants slows. The respiration slows. Winter days are shorter. Exposure to less sunlight and low temperature slows down plant’s metabolism. It also affects the beauty of the lawn and makes the ambiance non-appealing. You have to maintain the lawn in such a way that it does not look like its suffering from the winter blues. Your lawn should look fresh and beautiful throughout the season so that when spring comes, it’s all set to bloom. Therefore, you have to prepare your plants for spring and also have to help them survive in this tough season. You can improve the condition of lawn by aerating, weeding, mowing and planting trees and flowers.

Plants to grow in winter

To make your lawn look beautiful even in winter, you need to grow plants that blossom specifically for the winter and thrive in the cold.

Here are some plants that you can grow for the sake of lawn improvement in winter.

  1. Pansy:

Pansy is a 6 to 10 inches tall plant. It produces five-petaled flowers. It comes in huge variety of colors and blooms for a long period of time. It varies from solid colored to multicolored flowers. This characteristic of pansy helps making your lawn look beautiful and attractive.

  1. Winter Jasmine:

The flower of Jasmine is an amazingly beautiful bright yellow flower with three-leafleted leaves. Jasmine do not have scent but it stand out beautifully in winter landscape because of its eye-catching shade. It blooms in winter or in early spring. It can grow in many non-perfect conditions but it requires good soil. It can also creep on the wall up to the height of 15 feet.

  1. Viola

Viola is a self-sowing plant. It can turn your dull dry winter lawn into a beautiful happy place through its beauty and its sweet scent. It comes in yellow, white, blue and multicolored varieties. It is resistant to rain and cold. It is smaller in size but has more flowers per plant. You may give border to your lawn by planting different shades of violas and make it look more appealing and alive.

  1. Primrose:

English primroses, Chinese primroses and fairy primroses are an excellent choice for winter. They come in nearly every color. They are 8 inches to 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Their flowers are circular. They are either alone or are in clusters. They need regular water and can survive in full shade.

  1. Calendulas:

Calendulas is a long lasting plant. It needs regular water and full sun. It blooms in mild winter climate. It can survive in any soil as long as it has good drainage. It varies from bright colors to subtle colors. The bright orange variation is a really good choice for winter. It is 1 to 2 feet tall and 1 feet wide.

Author Bio : Sarah works for “Yourgreenpal” and she loves gardens and lawns.